Become a member of Golang China Club


If you have more than 10 effective commits (abbreviated to EC) merged into the Go Repos, feel free to send an email to apply for membership. You will also get an email account with the suffix permanently, for email activation see doc.

Please note that the aforementioned term “effective commits” implies source code changes such as bug fixes, global/local optimizations, functionality refactoring works, new features, and stability improvements, etc.

Non functional commits (NFC for short) including but not limit to typo fixes, documentation additions, test case additions, code cleanups, and other minor changes (with little impact on functionality/performance/stability) will not be considered as EC.

Of course, ultimately whether your CLs are classified as EC or NFC is a matter for the club members to decide together based on the actual situation.

Being a member of the Club, you can enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits and unparalleled job opportunities.

  • Get a permanent email account with the suffix
  • Join in our Github group
  • Get invited to our annual ‘China Golang Contributor Summit’

Some more clarification,

  • We are not a profitable club, and all cost is shared by the members (but not compulsory).
  • We are a private club with no commercial involvement to Golang’s official community.
  • Though several members improve the Go toolchain as their full time job, most of us contribute in our spare time.
  • We encourage EC than NFC, since we pursue not only the title of ‘golang contributor’, but also deep understanding of the Go internals.