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Golang China Contributor Club

If you have more than about 10 CLs merged into the Go repo, feel free to send an email applying for membership.

You can also get an email account with the suffix forever. Read more...


Andy Pan ( joined in 2021
Baokun Lee ( joined in 2019
Ben Shi ( joined in 2019
Changkun Ou ( joined in 2020
Cholerae Hu ( joined in 2020
Eric Fang ( joined in 2020
Fannie Zhang ( joined in 2020
Meng Zhuo ( joined in 2019
Shushan Chai ( joined in 2020
Weixie Cui ( joined in 2021
Wèi Cōngruì ( joined in 2021
Xiangdong Ji ( joined in 2020


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Phoenix New Media
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